Schools Workshops

All our workshops are tailored to suit the age and ability of the participants. We can develop workshops around your school's curriculum needs but here is a selection of those we have presented recently 

Sensational Samba  

learn a song and a simple samba on real samba instruments (for 7-14 ages

Beating time

in this session we explore the importance of pulse and rhythm using African patterns, Samba and street beats. this is a practical and fun session    and lasts around an hour (any age group)

The Amazing Mr Sax

using the saxophone and its creator, Adolph Sax , as its inspiration, this session explores aspects of music such as pitch, melody and rhythm. It is for 5-9 year olds

and is an active session with plenty of audience participation. 

Good vibrations  

In this 1 or 2 day project learn about how sound works by making an instrument from recycled materials and then perform with the class. its part music and part physics