The St Nicholas Parade is an annual community event curated by Big Bash Music Company alongside Canterbury Cathedral and other community partners. It is a processional piece where participants play festive music, carry specially made artistic objects and use other the art forms too. The event celebrates the beginning of Christmas, the character and stories of St Nicholas and a sense of togetherness and well being. 

St Nicholas Background

St Nicholas was a real person born in 270AD in what is now Turkey. He was brought up as a religious man and did all sorts of kind acts during his life. He was also reported to perform miracles too and many stories about him have become part of tradition. For example stockings at Christmas seem to originate  from St Nicholas when he secretly put money into drying stockings of some unfortunate people. With the money they could buy their freedom. St Nicholas became a Saint in the Catholic Church and he is celebrated on December 6th. He is the patron Saint of sailors and children too. On December 6th some people still give presents in honour of him and from this we seem to have our idea of Santa Claus and Father Christmas.